Amphipolis Greek tomb – Bones of at least five people including woman and baby found

Greek archaeologists have discovered the bones of at least five people in the limestone grave at the massive Alexander the Great-era burial mound complex at Kasta Hill, Serres. Analysis of the bones found in the grave show that they belong to a woman, a baby, two men and an adult person who was cremated prior to […]

“We can reconstruct the face of the dead in Amphipolis”

Mr. Manolis Papagrigorakis, talks about the information the skeleton will give us. The skeleton will talk. And very soon indeed. It will tell us the age, cause of death, sex, lifestyle ,habits and diseases. Science and modern technology applied in most Greek laboratories, will not stay in such simple things …. “We can reconstruct his face, […]

Amphipolis shocking news! Skeleton has been found!

Today, as we are writing this article,  the Amphipolis press briefing announced that a skeleton was found, almost intact! The genetic material will be transferred to a special laboratory for testing in order to obtain the first data on the identity and ascertaining the exact age. “Wait a few days, have a little patience,” replied […]