Amphipolis shocking news! Skeleton has been found!

Today, as we are writing this article,  the Amphipolis press briefing announced that a skeleton was found, almost intact! The genetic material will be transferred to a special laboratory for testing in order to obtain the first data on the identity and ascertaining the exact age.

Amphipolis skeleton Alexander 3

Wait a few days, have a little patience,” replied Anna Panagiotarea to the enthusiastic reactions of journalists.

As announced, in the third chamber, has been found a large makeshift tomb made of porous stones, 1.60 meters below the floor of the third chamber.

Amphipolis skeleton Alexander 5

Also, within the tomb there is an elongated pit, with a width of 0.54 meters and a length of 2.35. During the press briefing, has been revealed that within the tomb was a wooden coffin, which is evidenced by about 20 scattered iron and copper nails as well as bone and glass decorative items of the coffin.

Amphipolis skeleton Alexander 4

Who does the skeleton belong to? We will just have to wait.

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