Amphipolis – The seismic tomography of the tomb.

The white spots tomography (marked as H) show the stone constructions – As this is an accurate depiction, you can realize the immense size of the construction. According to the geologists, this is “A single building with intermediate divisions and exceptional architecture, which differs from the Macedonian tombs of the era ” hidden for centuries under […]

Why such an important monument is not mentioned in the historical sources of its time?

Ancient Amphipolis has already changed the known data in archaeology. The Caryatids, a creation of classical Greece, placed on a Macedonian tomb, make the monument unique . Let’s briefly look at some data that will help us to understand what they have found so far in Amphipolis. Regarding Archaeology: 1) The combination of Caryatids (classical Greece) […]

Massive Hellenic Tomb Discovered in Northern Greece

AMPHIPOLIS, GREECE—A massive tomb has been unearthed in northeastern Greece, just 65 away from Thessaloniki, reports the Guardian. Over the past two years, archaeologists have been slowly excavating the giant structure, which dates to the fourth century B.C. The tomb is encircled by a 1500-foot marble wall and approached by an almost 20-foot-wide road lined […]