“We can reconstruct the face of the dead in Amphipolis”

Mr. Manolis Papagrigorakis, talks about the information the skeleton will give us. The skeleton will talk. And very soon indeed. It will tell us the age, cause of death, sex, lifestyle ,habits and diseases. Science and modern technology applied in most Greek laboratories, will not stay in such simple things …. “We can reconstruct his face, […]

Dorothy King: “Skopje was never called Macedonia”

– A few hours before the announcements from the Amphipolis tomb, Dorothy King puts an end to the claims of Skopje. – “Alexander the Great had also conquered the modern Iran and Afghanistan, and none of these countries did not ever claim that they were part of Ancient Macedonia!” – “The Sculptures of the Parthenon that […]

Amphipolis shocking news! Skeleton has been found!

Today, as we are writing this article,  the Amphipolis press briefing announced that a skeleton was found, almost intact! The genetic material will be transferred to a special laboratory for testing in order to obtain the first data on the identity and ascertaining the exact age. “Wait a few days, have a little patience,” replied […]

Archaeologists have entered the third chamber of the Amphipolis grave

The excavation team entered the third chamber of the burial monument on the hill of Kastas last Friday, from the existing hole in the wall of the third aperture, to document its state and to determine the structural conditios of the chamber in order to design the necessary steps to retain and support the structure. According to […]

Amphipolis news. The caryatids are integral!

Check the pictures – the face of the second Caryatid was not removed from grave robbers – It was found in the soil and pasted from the group of archaeologists in the tomb. The information coming to light regarding the tomb Amphipolis, is absolutely impressive. Pictures published a few hours ago by the greek Ministry of […]

Shock! Increased police force at Amphipolis!

We are soon expected to have new developments regarding the excavations in the Macedonian tomb of Amphipolis, as just a little while ago,  the greek government started to take very strict security measures to ban transit in the area of the tomb. Greek police force, heavily armourded with guns are guarding the entrance. Still, the […]

The first picture: This is the tomb of Amphipolis!

Today, we can present the first  axonometric design representation of the burial monument by the architect of the Ministry of Culture Mr. M. Lefantzi. We have two diaphragm walls on which there are placed, the Sphinxes on the first wall and the Caryatids on the second wall. The archaeologists continue with the task of maintenance and structural […]